Professional SEO Services

There are various ways to market the business but with increasing complexities and market competition businesses now a days find it hard to reach out to a considerable number of audience and hence tend to fail in their operations. The solution to this problem is Professional SEO Services, SEO is one of the more advanced type of digital marketing and guarantees success and growth in business.

Many Professional SEO companies and Professional SEO agencies have come up and promise Digital success, but not all of them keep their word. This is because when their clients increases, they do not provide enough attention to all the projects.

We at Ascent Web Portal, offer you a quality and Professional SEO services with qualified experts and mentors who dedicate themselves to make your business a success.



This service is majorly provided to local businesses which struggle to establish their identity in the local area. Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) helps businesses reach out to local audience by increasing their ranking on the search engine results. Search engines like google. Yahoo etc. can be really beneficial if the company name shows up in the Google’s “local pack,” “map pack, or “3- pack,” which are the first 3 spots below the map.


Enterprise SEO just like any other enterprise is a website with more than 1000 pages. This type of SEO directs the traffic to a larger website while managing a group of other factors like external and internal stakeholder, legal, branding etc.

This service is provided to the big businesses because they have multiple huge departments to manage and the incoming of new clients cannot be compromised.


With the internet, being a wide space for multiple activities, buying of good and services online has become a big part of the daily activities of almost every business. Hence, they require new and advanced ecommerce solutions, which will not only make their website better but also create a safe space for trade between the customers and the business. However, this online store becomes difficult to manage and has to be outsourced to a Professional SEO company, such as ourselves.


Very often local businesses in India are unable to reach out to an international audience. To represent businesses online, the international SEO is the best platform. This Professional SEO service optimizes the countries and languages the business has targeted and can be used. But the crucial step is to ensure that the data and content that is to be put on the website, be authentic to increase the search result rankings across the globe.


1. Result oriented Services

When a business invests in any project, the desire positive results. We at Ascent provide your with result oriented professional SEO services which only increase the growth rate of your business. With many new professional SEO companies coming up in India, it becomes difficult to choose, but always choose the company that provides positive results.

2. Customization

The plans provided to the clients are not just prepared by our team. It is a combined effort of the client and our team. Ideas provided by the clients are accommodated in the plan and it is made sure that they are fruitful. This is not provided by many Professional SEO companies. But we provide you with customized plans which include your ideas as well.

3. Cost Effective

Marketing is one of the most expensive operations among all the others. Many professional SEO agencies offer high prices but do not provide quality services. However, we offer cost effective prices without compromising the quality of the services. Our clients are our foremost priority and so we try and make customized plans, no matter the type of your business, big or small, we offer quality services to all.

4. Quality

Unlike other Professional SEO agency, we provide high quality content even at lower prices. Once connected we aspire to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients and so we aim to provide our clients with authentic and real content so any legal lawsuits or penalties from google can be avoided.


1) Research

The research of keyword is the most crucial part of the SEO content. In India, the high population results to a lot of uprising companies, hence increasing the competition. This is why we, as a professional SEO agency need to find just the right keyword that will help the gain more customers and also increase the traffic on their website.

2) Optimization

The website should be optimized with respect to the target audience. Visitors and the search engine should be able to identify the location of the business. India is a place for many countless businesses and hence it becomes important for the business to distinguish itself from the others and hence the optimization of the website is an important aspect.

3) Content Creation

To keep up the traffic on the website, new content has to be put up regularly. This content has to be in accordance with the taste of the reader but at the same time it has to be authentic. This new content, increases readers and also makes the curious about the upcoming articles, this helps increasing the traffic on the website.

4) Competition

After all of the above is ascertained, we make sure to check the competition. With multiple businesses trying to reach out to the infinite masses in India, it becomes difficult for the business to grow. But we make sure we use superior marketing techniques which distinguish the client’s company from all the others.

5) Report

A constant check on the consistency of the activities on the website is important. This is what is called reporting. Flaws are pointed out and are working upon and the strong point are made even stronger with effective and superior techniques. Reporting makes the website better and more user friendly hence making the business more and more successful.