SEO Experts in India

Choosing from a pool of infinite choices is difficult and sometimes the choices might not be the right choices. With the market overflowing with SEO experts in India, it has become difficult to make the correct choice.

Ascent Web Portal is one of the leading SEO Consultancy Firm in India offering commendable SEO services around the globe. With the promise to provide quality services and a team of SEO experts in India specializing in Google
analytics AdWords and Top-Class SEO services, we present the best services.



Local SEO helps the business to be found by the local customers when they enter the product or services they are searching. Local SEO’s can be beneficial if they show up in the top search results ofgoogle. Google maps is one of the more effective way to create traffic, gather more phone calls and visits from new people. Google maps marketing is one of the fastest ways to generate revenue almost instantly.

Enterprise SEO

An enterprise is a big company like fortune 1000 firm. Whereas in the case ofan Enterprise SEO the size of the website is ore important than that of the company. A website with at least 1000 pages can be considered an enterprise.


Enterprise SEO drives the organic traffic to the larger website while managing factors like multiple decision makers, internal and external stakeholders, branding etc.


For the online stores to function smoothly the website needs trendy E-commerce solutions daily. Many SEO Experts India recommend the same Ecommerce platform which provide them with bonus commission. But at AWP, our SEO Experts in India, cater to every need of the client and provide the solution for their website accordingly. We try our best to up the sales if our client’s product which is being sold online through the means of e-commerce.


When working on a global level this service works to optimize the website in such a way that the website can be listed in the search results globally. This service is becoming more and more important for every business no
matter how small. Hence a large amount of SEO Experts in India are needed to fulfill the raising demand. We provide the top SEO experts who help the client to reach out globally.


Guaranteed Services 

Many of the SEO consultants in India often resort to unfair and dishonest means to make profit at the cost of the client’s business. Ascent Web Portal assures its clients of a secure and safe environment where the clients need not to worry about making the wrong decision. Our team consists of trustworthy professionals who provide justice to the investment made by the client. We promise to provide you the best services.

Flexible Plans

We provide our clients with flexible and customized plans which are specifically designed to suit our client. Although our team comprises f skilled professionals who know the best in their respective fields, Unlike other SEO
Experts in India we provide you a chance to broaden your imagination and welcome your ideas with an open mind hence proving the clients an opportunity to showcase their ideas. Thus, these customized plans are beneficial for both us and the client.


At Ascent we realize that can be a very costly operation, especially for small enterprise. Being one of the more aware SEO Consultants of India, we offer you affordable and cost-effective prices which lower the financial burden of your company. But the low prices are never situated with the quality of the content. Even with low prices we offer top quality services because the satisfaction of the client is foremost.

Finest Quality

Quality work is expected by all the firms big or small. All firms desire to have their money’s worth and we at Ascent understand that fact and work on the project accordingly. Our team of highly skilled professionals assure
that the results will be exclusive and of fine quality. Duplicity and plagiarism is highly disregarded and we consider ourselves to be one of the few SEO Consultants in India who follow a just path.


Planning, be it any process, is the most important aspect of any project and keeping this in mind a lot of thought and importance is given to the initial and the more sensitive stages of the project.

1. Inquiry of the Requirements 

As the first step a brief, yet detailed inquiry or analysis is prepared for the
various aspects of the project. Prepared by our team of professional this contains different methods, designs etc. are mentioned in this analysis to ascertain the best and the most feasible method for the client as well as our team.

2. Inspection of cost and time

Unless a project is both efficient and effective, it is hardly ever a success. Hence a thorough inspection of the time take and cost involved with the project is done. This is done keeping in mind the budget of the client and a
detailed proposal is handed over to the client. Further modifications are always entertained.

3. Draft

After carefully running multiple analyses, the drafting of the project begins. This stage involves planning of various aspects like content and design of the web page. All this is done only after an approval of the budget is sent by the client. The various designs are then presented to the client and the best ones are selected for testing.

4. Trial and Incorporation

A trial run is done on various activities of the website like average time spent, most viewed page etc. and is done to ascertain which pages are providing the best results. These pages are then combined to create an overall successful website. Modifications may be made according to the increase and decrease of traffic.

5. Delivery

The delivery of the project finally takes place after our team ascertains that the project will be absolutely beneficial for the client. From this point onwards, if they are satisfied, the client might ask for support and maintenance otherwise the entire process takes place again till the client is satisfied.