A Complete Guide to Mobile SEO in 2019

December 27, 2018.  Post by admin

As we march into this new exciting year 2019, the future anticipation to see what Mobile SEO trends 2019 will make changes is important. In terms of SEO, the Mobile SEO 2019 trends seem to be revolutionary.

Why Mobile SEO is on demand?

Smartphones and tablets are used in a large number these days and the way we experience the online content has been revolutionized. Mobile friendly website design has been made simple and the content has been rearranged to fit the mobile size. This helps to view and learn about the most meaningful information at the first sight. Since these Smartphones and tablets function as a mini pocket computer everywhere, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) for mobile sites is vital to hitching the potential of any business.

5 Components to concentrate for Mobile SEO 2019:

1. Design Mobile Friendly Website for mobile visitors:

Mostly the mobile visitors want to see a version of the actual website with colors, themes and content similar to the main site. For mobile devices, the screen size is small compared to the size of the desktop. So, rather than cluttering the small screen by displaying all products and solutions at a single stretch, one or two elements can be displayed.
In the Mobile View, be clear to attract your audiences and what your visitors wants to know about your business. This gives an elegant view to your target audience by removing the unnecessary information.

2. Increase Page Speed by optimizing images:

As we already know, the mobile users are more compared to desktop users, the page speed is an important factor to consider. If the website runs slowly on the mobile devices, then it is high time to make changes to get it load quickly.

Optimizing images by changing their size and compressing them to smaller size will help to load the website quickly. Optimizing also includes the detailed understanding of the special effects and using those special effects effectively as and when needed.

3. Meta Tags- Descriptions and Titles:

Meta Tags is all about content prioritization. It describes your website’s page content to the search engines and visitors. Since both the desktop and mobile screen size differs, the best-fit appropriate titles and descriptions to the smaller screens is the key way to increase the mobile traffic to your website.

4. Go Local:

Based on the Research, it is mandatory to register your company with “Google My Business” with your contact details where the customers can easily approach you. This includes your company address, phone number and mention about, how users can benefit from your business.

5. Voice Searches will be on high demand:

According to a recent campaign, it is predicted that 2019 will be a real year of voice searches. By 2020, almost 50% of the total searches will be based on voice. Voice search queries will be generally longer that text queries and helps in précised searches.


Make your website mobile friendly and this Mobile SEO will bring phenomenal changes to your business with more traffic by incorporating the above mentioned features to your website.

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