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September 8,

Know Why Visual Content is a Crucial Element in Digital Marketing Strategies

One of the main reasons why people stay online and browse through their social media timelines for hours on end is the visual content. Their fascination over the pictures, videos, and infographics is what makes them linger, and sometimes forget, that they have a billion other things to do. Even the young ones get hooked when they see visuals while scrolling down the timeline.

March 16,

Ascent Web Portal Named a Top B2B Service Provider by Clutch

We have big news here at Ascent Web Portal! Our team is proud to announce that we’ve been named a leading Indian B2B company by Clutch, a leading ratings and reviews site. “We are very excited and proud at the same time for featuring as a 2020 Clutch Leader. We like to thank our marketers and designers for delivering amazing work to each of our clients. This recognition by Clutch will bring a great level of trust in our company and help us connect and satisfy our potential customers.” — CEO, Ascent Web Portal