How to Blend SEO and Creativity for Content Marketing Success?

August 15, 2018.  Post by admin

In Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Content is the King. The content may be in different forms may be a website copy, blog post or guest posting or article writing. It is obvious that content is an integral part of an effective SEO. In order to support SEO effects, the content needs to be unique, high-quality and it should be blended with creativity to engage the readers.

In this article, lets us talk about the SEO content writing tips that help to balance creativity in your work.

1.Search for relevant keywords:

In order to create a useful content, you need to find the important keywords or the phrases people use to search on Google. For this, use Google Keyword Planner or other free tools to find the relevant keywords which are used to conduct online searches. Make a list of those keywords and use them in your content.

Normally, stuffing keywords in your content is not a good idea to your business. Instead, try to make a long tail keyword and it will be better for your content to be ranked on Google.

2.Connect and Solve your reader’s Problem:

Before writing any content, analyze and know your audience pain points. While writing, write content that solves the pain points of your customers and it is a sure way to ensure the success of your SEO effects. People will like and share the content only if they find it useful. Make sure your SEO content strategy addresses audience problems.

3.  Include facts and statistical figures to support your content:

The facts and the figures will make your SEO content to be an inspiring content. Make sure that your supporting data should connect with the present scenario and the data you use should make sense easily. In other words, the data you use should be easily understandable by your audience and it should connect with your content. This adds extra value to your content.

4. Use relevant images:

Always images will be more interactive and it will help you to get noticed. Design and use relevant images in your SEO content. Product images, Blog images and Infographics is a valuable ally and it will enrich your content. Spend time to create suitable images and add an ALT tag to make it search engine friendly

5.Organize Content for Skimmers:

The skimmers are nothing but the rapid superficial readers and your content should grab their attention within a short span of time. These type of readers will not read in between the lines and they will leave the web page without reading your content completely.

Then, how to organize your content? For this, initially, write short sentences and short paragraphs. Try to talk about the important information starting from the beginning till the end in an order to maintain a flow of the content. Most importantly, use bulletin points, sub-headings and italics to highlight your important content.


The SEO content with long tail keywords, proper images and attractive content flow in a much engaging manner will surely increase the number of possible readers and will rank in Google.

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